What'd Kanye Give Kim As A Wedding Gift?

Draw me like one of your French girls. It was to be expected that Kanye West would go all-out on his wedding present for his new bride. I mean, remember that enormous, hand-painted Birkin and the absurd, equally large flower-wall Kim got for her first Mother's Day? And don't even get me started on the birthday engagement. In the most Yeezus-move ever, though, Kanye West allegedly commissioned a nude portrait of Kim Kardashian for her wedding gift, titled "Perfect Bitch," painted by the anonymous street-artist Bambi. So, does Kimye think they're Jack and Rose from Titanic now? Uh-huh, Honey.

Leonard Villa, Bambi's agent and manager, confirmed to The Mirror that Kanye did, in fact, commission the painting of his new bride and he intends to hang it in the couple's bedroom. (Is their house even finished yet?) Villa told the publication that Kanye came calling and asked for "something regal but typically Kim."

Well I, for one, can't think of anything more regal than Kim Kardashian wearing a G-string and Louboutins and nothing else — and that's about the gist of Kanye's latest over-the-top gift. Bambi painted the portrait of the newly minted Mrs. Kanye West on metal and allegedly turned the commission around in three weeks' time for a five-figure sum. Here's what the regal, "Perfect Bitch" portrait looks like:

Very #regal, right? Everyone #BowDown to "My Queen Kim." I'm not entirely sure that this is as out-of-control as that semi-hideous Birkin (that Kim's only carried, like, once) or the alleged 10 european Burger Kings that Kanye also gave Kim as a gift. But it's a little more out-of-the-box than the massive engagement ring Kanye gave her on her last birthday and the 1,000 red roses he sent her on Valentine's Day. I mean, it's pretty out there to give your new wife a naked portrait of herself even if she is Kim Kardashian. (Isn't that something she would give him?)

Either way, for her love of all things Parisian, Kim's finally be drawn, or rather painted, like a French girl. (Even though it wasn't by Kanye.)

So, what will Kanye get Kim for her birthday? That sapphire and diamond pendant that Rose dropped into the ocean at the end? Probably — he's got until October to find it.

Image: KimKardashian/Instagram