12 Life Lessons 'Kim Possible' Taught Us That Are Still Pretty Relevant

Kim Possible was one of those shows that defined your childhood or preteens, like LeVar Burton's Reading Rainbow except without a comeback. It followed the adventures of the titular Kimberly Anne Possible, a cheerleader at Middleton High who doubled as a freelance heroine. Kim never put on spandex or acquired a secret identity; instead, she had her own website where people could book her for jobs with a tagline that promised that she could do anything. Considering she was often traveling far and wide to take down a rogues gallery of bad guys, while remaining on the cheerleading squad and maintaining a high GPA, Kim was totally right about that.

Loyally at her side was her childhood best friend Ron Stoppable — and loyally at his side was his naked mole rat Rufus, who was so much cuter than naked mole rats are in real life — not to mention her genius twin younger brothers Jim and Tim, her mission control Wade, and her sassy best friend Monique. The final episode may have aired in 2007, but fans of the show remain nostalgic.

Over the course of four seasons, Kim Possible was one of those amazingly feminist shows that taught girls that it was okay to overachieve, that worrying about boys didn't make you any less of a hero, and that you could invent your own slang and still sound (sort of) cool. Of course, those are far from the only lessons that Kim Possible had to impart.

Never Reveal Your Plan Until You've Won

Troubles are Temporary, but Family is Forever

Sometimes Your Friends Just Need a Little Push

Never Underestimate the Power of the Hair Flip

Even the Worst People Can Find Love

Misfits Make the Best Friends

Best Friends Make the Best Boyfriends

Always Make Time to Guide Your Younger Siblings

Sarcasm is a Totally Valid Language

No One Likes Math

You Can Fight Crime with Cheerleading Moves

And Most Importantly: You Can Do Anything

Above all else, Kim Possible was our cartoon idol when it came to reaching for the stars and pulling it off flawlessly. Sure, she had her problems, she got stressed, and sometimes she was even downright cruel, but at the end of the day Kim Possible could do anything. And so can all of us.

Image: Kim Possible Wiki/Disney