Keira Knightley & Mark Ruffallo Make An Unlikely Musical Duo in 'Begin Again' Clip — VIDEO

For those of you who were itching to see Adam Levine in his full-fledged actor glory, you may not have a clip of that yet, but you do have this clip from Begin Again featuring Keira Knightley. This means we're that much closer to to Levine's film debut — or, more simply, we're that much closer to the movie's arrival in theaters this July. This clip shows that the movie looks like it will be pretty charming, if a little syrupy. But hey, you know the jam — when to people meet, music can bring them together!

It should be unsurprising to you, then, that the director this film, John Carney, is the same man who brought you Once, a movie (and now Broadway musical) which follows the story of two people brought together by the power of creating music. Granted, that movie had the powerful score by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, but still this movie could be similarly sweet.

This clip finds Knightley, who stars as Greta, in a bit of a predicament. She makes music, sure, but she doesn't have a demo, a Myspace, or anything to show for it. You can see the thematic waves already: can people just make music for pure pleasure?

Check it out! Knightley is delightful, and it looks like this movie will be a nice change from her usual somber fare.

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Image: Youtube