How to Do the Perfect Bieber Impression

Everyone knows by now that Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon does an awesome Justin Bieber impression, but have you ever wondered what goes through her mind while she does it? Or, better yet, have you wanted to know the secret to doing an great Bieber impression yourself? Well, you're in luck! Kate McKinnon explained her Justin Bieber impression on Conan Monday night and now we all know the steps to perfectly embodying Bieber's swagger ourselves.

When asked the key to her impression, McKinnon responded, "It’s looking like a puppy who just piddled and is sort of sorry about it." This not only perfectly describes McKinnon's face during her impression, but also is apt considering how often Bieber does things (including piddling in inappropriate places, mind you) and is sort of sorry about them. McKinnon then launches into a silent impression which includes a ton of pointing and chest hitting in addition to the sad puppy face.

McKinnon goes on to talk about how she met Bieber when he hosted SNL and says, "He has the swagger of a gang leader with the face of a member of the Sistine Chapel."

McKinnon talks about one of her other well-known impressions as well: Ellen DeGeneres. She says that DeGeneres has "been an angel about the whole thing since the get go." She doesn't explain how to do that impression though, so if you're looking to do a spot-on impersonation of Ellen, you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way and just watch a ton of Ellen episodes yourself.