Jessie J's New Songs "Sweet Talker" & "Like It Ain't Been Done" Are Catchy & Sexy — LISTEN

British singer Jessie J hasn’t had a successful single in the United States since 2011, but that might be about to change. Jessie J premiered several new songs at concerts in Europe last week, and they sound very promising, indeed. Could Jessie be headed for stateside success yet again?

Released only in Europe in Sept. 2013, Jessie J’s last studio album, Alive, was a commercial disappointment. Initially, the singer said she was headed back into the studio to record new material for Alive’s eventual U.S. release, but her plans appear to have changed. At the end of April, Jessie teased new music on her Instagram account along with the hashtag, “#jessiejalbum3.” Interesting. It seems as though Jessie will be foregoing releasing Alive in the United States all together, instead opting to go with an entirely new album. Well, that works, too!

Overall, I think that Alive was a marked improvement over Jessie’s debut album, Who You Are, but it lacked songs with substantial radio appeal. Has Jessie been able to recapture the magic of past hits like “Price Tag” and “Domino” with her new music? I think so. Of the new songs Jessie performed at her recent concerts in Spain and Portugal, these are my two favorites:

“Sweet Talker”

WhiteSparkle1994 on YouTube

Sexy and super catchy, “Sweet Talker” has a ton of U.S. hit potential. The production actually reminds me quite a bit of Rihanna’s number-one hit “Rude Boy.” That’s a really good thing.

“Like It Ain’t Been Done”

OlaGoesToGigs on YouTube

“I’mma do it like it ain’t been done, on top, only just begun,” Jessie sings on this new up-tempo track. Whether or not she’ll end up “on top” in the United States remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that Jessie’s swagger on this song is infectious. This could definitely be a hit.

Sometimes Jessie has a habit of over-singing to the point of being obnoxious, which is a shame, because when it comes right down to it, she really does have an incredible voice. With any luck, she’ll be able to find her footing in the notoriously difficult U.S. music market again. After all, in my opinion, there’s always room for another talented artist with a big voice on the radio.

Hopefully we’ll hear some news about Jessie's upcoming third album soon.