Dakota Fanning & Elizabeth Olsen's 'Very Good Girls' Isn't a Very Good Story — VIDEO

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Let's get this out of the way first. Very Good Girls made me realize that Dakota Fanning is in college. You'd think I would have come to that realization a lot sooner considering she's 20 years old now, but like the Sprouse twins and the girl from Matilda so too is Dakota Fanning permanently trapped in childhood for me. It's also hilarious that the trailer for Very Good Girls would debut now of all times. Dakota and Elle Fanning are related to Kate Middleton, distant though the connection may be, and Very Good Girls features Fanning and co-star Elizabeth Olsen trying to lose their virginities to Boyd Holbrook. How very unprincess-like.

Very Good Girls promises to be something with a little more complexity and nuance that another story of two female best friends who end up fighting over the same guy, but it's unclear how it's going to deliver on that promise. The effortless chemistry between Olsen and Fanning and the flashes we get of Fanning's life outside of her affair with "the ice cream" guy point to something that's hopefully less predictably cliche and hopefully more mature and thoughtful, but the trailer alone isn't enough to tempt people into watching the movie to find out for sure.

The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 to negative reviews, but it's getting a second chance at the theaters for a limited release on July 25 — the same day as the latest Hercules movie. If you can get past the fact that Dakota Fanning, relative of Kate Middleton, is in fact of college age, then you might find Very Good Girls at least a little intriguing. After all, Fanning was getting praised for her acting skills long before she ever left her teens and she was one of the few parts of the Twilight movies that was worth watching, even if she didn't do much.

But if you, like me, keep picturing Dakota Fanning as the little girl from Push or Charlotte's Web, then it's probably better to focus on Elizabeth Olsen instead. That is, if you bother to watch the movie at all.

Check out the trailer below.

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