The Ugly Custody Battle Continues

This has not yet resolved, nor does it look like it will be reaching a verdict sometime soon. Casey Kasem was hospitalized, but his wife has only responded with fury. The saga has gone on for nearly a month now; he had been missing, and and ample family drama did not help — his current wife, Jean, had gone to incredible lengths to prevent him from seeing his daughters, Kerri and Julie Kasem. Once Kasem had been found, the daughters were granted daily visitation rights. However, Jean Kasem didn't want this outcome. In fact, the custody battle rages on, and out of a moment of sheer rage that Kerri was granted visitation rights, Jean Kasem hurled raw hamburger meat at Kerri.

This seems like tabloid fodder, but it's just new drama in this case that does not seem to have an easy resolution. It certainly can't help Jean's plight — she's appeared to have been the antagonist from the start, with her concerted efforts to isolate Casey from the rest of his family. Now throwing meat at his daughters? Something's not right here. In fact, she later told NBC News:

In the name of King David, I threw a piece of raw meat into the street in exchange for my husband to the wild rabid dogs.

What's sad is that we're focusing on the dramatic antics of the custody battle as Kasem, who suffers from Lewy Body syndrome and dementia, is in the hospital. While Jean Kasem has surely upped the ante with her outrage and meat-throwing, this melodrama has got to die down in order to this family to truly heal any wounds, or at least, rectify anything surrounding the conservatorship — and more importantly, the care — of Casey Kasem.