Bill Clinton & The Qatar 2022 World Cup: In A Relationship, And It's Complicated

Everyone's favorite former American president is stirring things up again. Turns out Bill Clinton started the Qatar 2022 World Cup scandal... or, at least, may have something to do with an investigation that turned up allegations of bribery at the very top ranks of FIFA, the soccer organization that puts on the Cup every four years. Britain's The Telegraph reports that Clinton got involved in FIFA's selection of Qatar because he really, really wanted the U.S. to nab the bid. When they didn't — and when Qatar was selected instead — he felt snubbed, according to an anonymous source cited in The Telegraph's report.

Clinton was fuming. He felt humiliated and felt the decision did not make sense.

Then, all casual-like, he strode into his hotel room, grabbed an "ornament," and threw it against a wall mirror so hard that the glass shattered, according to receptionists.

Now, Clinton was not the only one to be irked over FIFA's decision. Almost everyone believes the decision to make very wealthy Qatar home to the Cup makes little sense, particularly because the World Cup is played in summer, and Qatar is very, very hot, as we have previously pointed out. Summary: It is 105 degrees in the Qatari summer, and soccer is an intense sport that requires extreme physical exertion. Even FIFA's president, Sepp Blatter, has admitted the choice was "a mistake."

And I'm not sure how many times we can point out that Qatar's planned soccer stadium looks like a giant vagina.

Regardless of who dug up problems with the bidding process, if allegations surfaced by London's Sunday Times over the weekend are true, Qatar could lose the bid. The paper says Mohamed bin Hammam, a Qatari and former member of the FIFA executive committee, spent $5 million "convincing" senior soccer officials to give the country the bid.

If that happens, Bill Clinton, master of the April Fool's joke and an apparently angry, revenge-fueled soccer fan just like the rest of us, will probably laugh.