We Learned New Things About 50 Cent Today

Ah, the wonder of the Reddit AMA. We learn so much! Did you know that the first thing 50 Cent bought when he got rich was a car for his grandmother? That's very sweet! There was a lot to learn from 50 Cent's AMA aside from that, too — including that he seems extremely fond of peppering "lol" into everything. Here are some of the top things we've learned:

  • Everyone is always singing "go short, it's your birthday" to him, and have been since 2003. "Every day is someone's birthday that song wont go away [sic]," he writes.
  • He prefers two quarters to five dimes when it comes to the monetary translation of his name.
  • When mcmattyp asks 50 Cent if Iggy Azalea's butt is real 50 offers "next time i see her ima squeeze it and find out for you ok. I will report back to you shortly lol [sic]." Only with her consent, 50!!
  • If he could star in any movie it'd be one from the Marvel franchise, or Star Wars. Someone make this happen, please???? At least give him a guest spot in Agents Of SHIELD!
  • On his favorite sushi: "california roll. im a fake sushi eater lol its all vegetables. the only thing i would eat raw is a woman lol anything else is a no go [sic]." Well!

Image: Tumblr