50 Cent Promises To Squeeze Iggy Azalea's Butt During a Reddit AMA — What?

Ah, the wonder of the Reddit AMA. We learn so much! Did you know that the first thing 50 Cent bought when he got rich was a car for his grandmother? That's very sweet! There was a lot to learn from 50 Cent's AMA aside from that, too — including that he seems extremely fond of peppering "lol" into everything. Here are some of the top things we've learned:

  • Everyone is always singing "go short, it's your birthday" to him, and have been since 2003. "Every day is someone's birthday that song wont go away [sic]," he writes.
  • He prefers two quarters to five dimes when it comes to the monetary translation of his name.
  • When mcmattyp asks 50 Cent if Iggy Azalea's butt is real 50 offers "next time i see her ima squeeze it and find out for you ok. I will report back to you shortly lol [sic]." Only with her consent, 50!!
  • If he could star in any movie it'd be one from the Marvel franchise, or Star Wars. Someone make this happen, please???? At least give him a guest spot in Agents Of SHIELD!
  • On his favorite sushi: "california roll. im a fake sushi eater lol its all vegetables. the only thing i would eat raw is a woman lol anything else is a no go [sic]." Well!

Image: Tumblr