Amanda Bynes Might Have Taken a Cab from New York City to Los Angeles

And so the Amanda Bynes saga continues. Earlier this week, the actress was arrested in Thousand Oaks, Calif. after setting a fire in a neighbor's driveway, leading many of us to ask, when, and how, did she get to California? The actress has since been placed on a psychiatric 5150 hold, and according to LAist, her court documents include a claim that she may have taken a cab from New York to Los Angeles.

Wait a second, I can't even get a cab to take me to Brooklyn half the time, and one took her to L.A.? Most likely, Bynes either blatantly made this up, or truly believes a cab took her. Maybe she just passed out when she got to the airport, woke up in another cab, and assumed she'd slept through a 2,790 mile drive.

But let's just say she really did take a cab the whole way. A few questions — first, did the license plate say fresh and have dice in the mirror? If so, when she got out did she say "yo homes smell ya later?" And if this exchange did occur, how much was the cab ride?

It's hard to say exactly because she wasn't in New York City the whole time, obviously. But if this magic cab driver (maybe it was Ms. Frizzle?) did agree, maybe he adhered to standard cab fare. Let's see, with a $2.50 surcharge and $.50 for every one fifth of a mile, her cab ride would've been about $6,977.50.

Hopefully she saved that Easy A paycheck.