3 Epic Wedding Photo FAILS

I realize that that scenic little pier tucked away in the corner of your wedding venue seems like the perfect place to take your photos on the big day — but this wedding photo fail will make you think twice. Just ask Dan and Jackie Anderson and their 20 groomsmen and bridesmaids — they’ve got first-hand experience with exactly what can go wrong when you pack that many people onto an ancient wooden structure.

The happy couple and their gigantic wedding party were getting ready to pose for some photos on a cute little jetty in Crosslake, Minnesota… only to have the whole thing collapse underneath them, giving everyone a big ol’ soak. The only ones to escape the disaster were the lucky bridesmaids on the end, who managed to scamper to shore just in time. And guess what? The whole thing was caught on video, ensuring that it will go down in history as one of the great wedding fails of all time — and the ceremony hadn’t even happened yet! According to KMSP-TV, though, the wedding started a mere 10 minutes late. Not bad, right?

And at least they were all good-natured about it — especially the bride. Megan J. Fritze, the videographer who filmed the collapse, wrote on the KMSP-TV Facebook post about it, “Coolest couple I have ever met. Jackie looked up (all smiles) from the water and asked if I got it on video!? Great day to be around really amazing people.”

The really crazy thing? This isn’t the first time a wedding party has ended up getting dunked during a photo op. The same thing happened to a Michigan couple in 2012:

And to these guys in 2013:

Maybe it’s time to rethink the whole “let’s have a wedding party the size of a small army!” trend?

Image: megjenae/Vimeo