'Game of Thrones' Won't Hire Amanda Peet Even Though Her Husband Is the Showrunner — VIDEO

If you were married to the Game of Thrones showrunner, you'd think you'd have a pretty fair shot at getting a role on the super-popular HBO show, right? Not quite. Amanda Peet's husband is Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff, and no matter how much she tries — she says she auditions all over her house — she still can't get a role. Curse the seven hells!

Peet, who will be starring in the new movie Trust Me which comes out on June 6, appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on Tuesday and told him all about this pickle that she's in. She even demonstrated her finest British accent to prove that she does at least have the dialect chops to land a spot in Westeros. Funnily enough, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was Ferguson's other guest that evening, and his presence inspired Peet to go even further with her not so subtle audition for a role on the show.

You've got to hand it to Benioff for not just handing out roles willy nilly to folks he loves (and is married to), but you'd think that he would have found a minor walk-on for her, wouldn't you?

Check out the interview below, and see Peet discuss her love of Thrones for yourself. And yes, Ferguson does have a solution to Peet's problem. Maybe she should... sleep with Benioff. Ah, the age old trick of sleeping with your husband, the showrunner.