Anna Kendrick Knows How To Do Location Shooting

Filming of the sequel to the musical romp Pitch Perfect rages on in Baton Rouge, and this is a cast that's proving themselves to be pros at spending their spare time in ways that make the rest of the world stomp their feet with jealousy. Who doesn't want to take a giant selfie with the likes of Rebel Wilson and Kay Cannon, after all? Or hang out with Fantastic Four cast members, as Anna Kendrick did?

Kendrick posted a photo Sunday of her time with Kate Mara, who's playing Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four reboot. Turns out, Fantastic Four is also filming in Baton Rouge, so the actresses took it upon themselves to hang. Although, apparently super famous, talented, and rich people are just as prone to socially awkward situations as we are, at least if Kendrick's caption is to be believed: "Guys. Guys. We didn't plan this. It got awkward."

She continued, writing: "We might switch movies for a day and see if anyone notices." That sounds like an old episode of Sister, Sister, and it also sounds like something we would pay to see on the Pitch Perfect DVD extras. Do it for the blooper reel, ladies!

Images: Anna Kendrick/Instagram