Hiddleston in 'Batman V. Superman'?

by Alanna Bennett

Hoooooly cow. Holy cow. Are you ready? Tumblr isn't ready for this news, and frankly neither am I: Tom Hiddleston's being rumored for Batman V. Superman . As the Joker. Emily Blunt is being rumored for Catwoman. I'm gonna need a moment to gather myself.

This is still a rumor that you should take with multiple grains of sand — like at least a small beach of sand. It could very well be that this is just being spread because of how popular Hiddleston's turn as Loki in Thor and The Avengers was: After that performance it's not that hard him taking a more manic turn as the Joker. It follows, then, that if someone was like "Let's start a rumor today! Who'd be good as the Joker?" that his name would come up.

The same goes for Emily Blunt, who's got a big action movie coming out and wouldn't be that big of a stretch for Catwoman. Also in the signs that this could be very un-true: Batman V. Superman's already likely to lead into a bunch of other films that will hypothetically someday result in a Justice League movie. That means they might not want to blow their whole load on this movie, basically, by piling on the ensemble.

But let's suspend for a moment the fact that one of the only outlets reporting this at this moment is International Business Times UK — just for a moment let's let ourselves beliieeve.

What if it's real? There's no doubt the Joker's some mighty big shoes to fill considering the legacy of Heath Ledger, but given his Shakespearean and comic book villain roots he's the type we'd trust to make it his own thing separate from both Ledger and Jack Nicholson's interpretations of the characters. And Blunt's the exact kind of intelligent slinkiness that would be great for Catwoman. After Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and we're ready for anything that casting team's got to throw our way.

This may all be but International Business Times UK's fever dream. But oh, what a great dream it is.