BaneCat is Back in Episode 2 & He's Got a Purrrfect New Friend — VIDEO

Oh man oh man oh man you guys: it's National Hug Your Cat Day and everyone's current favorite Internet asscat, BaneCat, is back. And this time the frightening feline has enlisted the help of a new friend and fellow Batman enemy by the name of JokerCat. Oh, whiskers! There's no way this is ending well now. Where's our Talia al Ghul — erm perhaps a better name is Tabby al Ghul? — when you need her?

If you're unfamiliar with BaneCat, get ready. The video series is the result of a could not be more perfect union between the Batman evil-doer and cats...the evilest of evildoers in the living breathing world of now. Because, really, what do cats spend most of their time doing? Ruining stuff and plotting you, their owner's, bloody, bloody end. (Oh and watching TV, apparently.)

Add a psychopath like Joker to the mix? Yup. Makes sense. In fact, I daresay all comic book baddies could be portrayed by cats, as cats are mean and nasty and clearly have a superiority complex regarding other humans that is just-as-nonsensical as the bad guys in the varied superhero universes. Cats are jerks and like to do things like ruin your day and also your life (on a whim just for funsies!), so, y'know. All of this just makes sense.

The second installment features a trip to the vet, a wild Rhoomba ride, and a disaster of elephantine proportions. Goddamn cats. There's no way their owners are smarter than dog lovers when cats do shit like this.

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