How 'TVD's Caroline Could Become A Ripper

by Christine DiStasio

Well, this is something we didn't expect. It's been three weeks since The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale that broke our hearts and it's been all about Delena and Stefan coping with his brother's death and how Damon Salvatore will return in Season 6. But what about Caroline Forbes? Sure, there have been Steroline rumors, but there's a whole lot more to Caroline than her crush on Stefan. Right? Show exec Caroline Dries dropped new TVD Season 6 spoilers and it sounds like Caroline will surprise us.

Caroline's been through hell. Her father tried to kill her, her boyfriend disappeared on a foolish hero's errand, and everyone hates her true love. And that's just the shortlist of Mystic Falls' resident blonde's problems. At the end of Season 5, we saw her snap Luke's neck — extremely violent behavior for Caroline — and she was the lone witness to Stefan's short-lived (ha) death. Oh, and did I mention that she's got a crush on said Salvatore brother, who also happens to be her best friend Elena's ex-boyfriend? Seriously, Caroline's life has just been the worst. And now she's got the added bonus of Bonnie and Damon dying and throwing everyone's emotional stability into turmoil — including her own.

So, could anyone blame her for wanting to rip open a few throats? Dries revealed to Theo at Alloy Entertainment that Caroline's violent action in the Season 5 finale was the result of "pure emotional desperation." Caroline's a control-freak, as we're all painfully aware of from her high school dance-planning days — so, when she couldn't do anything about Stefan's death and Bonnie's impending demise, she panicked. And she did the only thing she could think of — get violent. Where does that leave us with Caroline's future in Season 6?

We already know that Caroline is going to be dealing with her more-than-friends feelings or non-feelings for Stefan next season. Steroline has been a central spoiler for Season 6 for months and it was a semi-focus in Season 5 — so, we're finally going to get there when TVD returns. But, according to Dries, Caroline isn't entirely certain or secure in her feelings. I mean, there is that messy business of him being Elena's "first love." Dries said of what we can expect in the future installment of the Steroline saga, "The feelings behind the feelings are something we get to explore in Season 6 as we watch how her relationship with Stefan plays out in the wake of the finale." So, we're going to get Steroline — kind of — but really this is going to be all about the finale. Which makes sense, because Stefan-related spoilers hint that he's not letting go of Damon's death enough to let a new relationship in.

Dries closed out her Caroline spoiler with a hint at what might be to come for the blonde vampire. We've seen a lot of characters "go dark" on TVD over the years, but Caroline's always remained a moral center. Now that Julie Plec's changed the game with the Season 5 finale, could it be the right time? Dries revealed that it would be a change to pace for the viewers and writers to have a darker Caroline Forbes running around. But followed up with, "It’d be interesting to see a darker Caroline but we would only go down that road if it felt 100% earned." I mean, Caroline's stayed strong all of this time, I'd say she's at least 100 percent earned the right to go there and then some. So how will they do it?

Caroline As A Ripper

Boom. The easiest and simplest way to shock everyone and also let Caroline let loose — a lot. And, for all of you Steroline 'shippers out there, this could be the in for Caroline with Stefan, albeit being a little screwed up. They have a lot in common and now Stefan could help bring her back from the dark side. But, in the wake of Damon's death and everything else going on, would Caroline flying off the handle make us feel anything more than she's being a spoiled brat that's looking for attention? It's possible — but it'd be pretty badass to see her go nuts for a little while.

Caroline, The Vindictive, Raging Bitch

Turning off the humanity switch — we've seen Stefan do it, we've seen Elena do it, and when we met Damon for the first time, he'd done it. Everyone's turned off their switch over the years except for Caroline. So, it's definitely her turn now. She'll be watching Elena and Stefan mourn their great loss and Bonnie and, because she can't bring them back, she'll flip her switch. And we're looking at the ultimate mean girl that would put Regina George to shame.

She Activates Tyler's Werewolf Gene

We know now that Caroline's going to do whatever it takes to right the wrongs — including snap people's necks. So how great and terrible would it be for her to get Tyler to activate his werewolf gene as a means to an end? I mean, it'd make her a terrible person, but it'd be the perfect way to cement her status as a partial villain in Season 6.

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