Morgan Freeman Unboxes Gwyneth Paltrow's Head in Comical 'Se7en' Parody — VIDEO

You know that harrowing scene at the end of Se7en when we discover that Gwyneth Paltrow's character's head is in a box? Well, in this funny sketch video, it's imagined that Morgan Freeman is filming himself unboxing Gwyneth Paltrow's head. It's just one thing inside of another inside of another inside of another — and then, of course, Paltrow's head. Basically it takes a pretty darn scary scene and makes it funny. It turns the thriller on its head! (Badumchh. Sorry. Couldn't help myself.)

The video features 'Freeman' taking his audience through what's an imagined film series about unboxing because this is the Internet, and we love all irreverent things. He's taking his dear sweet time opening the box, and of course, the commentary is hilarious, since we know what's in the box. 'Freeman' remains totally oblivious to everything — some of the packaging includes newspapers that say dead giveaways from the plot of the movie, like that there's a seven deadly sins killer on the loose. He totally dismisses it, but however, he wants to hold on to a five dollar mail in rebate, because that's totally worth it.

It's a funny video that's a silly play on a classic thriller, and anything relating to Morgan Freeman is often hilarious. And besides, Se7en is a throwback to Gwynnie before her GOOPy, "did she really say that?" days.

Check it out below:

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Image: Youtube