9 Ways "Lazaretto" & "Canyonero" Are The Same

He's already broken a new record: Jack White's latest single "Lazaretto" is the fastest studio-to-store release in music history. He cut the track and just four hours later, it was on sale to the public. Now there's a man who defies supply and demand. Though "Lazaretto" was dropped back in April, the full album by the same name is set to come out on June 9th. To gear up for it's release, the one-man-savior-of-rock-and-or-roll has just put out a video for the shreddy, sexy single that also happens to remind us of a fake car commerical from the Simpsons, "Canyonero"

The video is complete with all things hyper-male including a baseball, shattered glass, snakes, fast cars, bulls, broken skulls, and sultry dancers. But I'll be damed if it doesn't just ooooooooze with raw rock and roll. I want to be annoyed with you Mr. White, but I just can't. Watching this video makes you feel like going out and starting some trouble...in a good way.

The signature black-and-white also has us seeing yellow. The video for "Lazaretto" is a Jack White-ified version of the comercial for Springfield's ultimate utility vehicle. Aside from the fact that "Lazaretto" (Which is a quarantine station for sailors, by the by) could also totally pass for a fake car name, here's how the new vid is exactly like the Krusty-approved vehicle's video:

  1. The complexion of Jack White and Krusty the Klown are identical.
  2. There are appearances of reptiles in both clips.
  3. The "Canyonero" theme is backed up by the sound of whips while "Lazaretto" features a massive bull.
  4. Big manly cars doing doughnuts. Also, mmm....donuts.
  5. "Canyonero" features branding while "Lazaretto" features tattooing.
  6. "Lazaretto" has a sexy drag queen wearing American flag garb and "Canyonero" has the red white and blue being emblazoned with Canyonero's name.
  7. Smashing cars, smashing glass, smashing disco balls, smashing guitars. SMAAAASH.
  8. Both make you damn proud to be an American. Damn, damn proud.
  9. Oh, and Jack White was totally on The Simpsons.<img src="http://lovelace-media.imgix.net/uploads/114/66bb4a60-cf07-0131-204d-4e94216c5740.gif?w=320"/>

Watch and compare!

Image: JackWhiteVEVO/YouTube; Rebloggy