'Project Runway' — For Teens!

With most reality competition shows, there is usually a miniature version that comes out of it at some point. There was an American Idol: Juniors back in the day (you know, before American Idol became completely irrelevant), people obsessed over MasterChef Juniors and, now, fans of these baby reality shows can really rejoice. Lifetime is officially making a new Project Runway...for teens. And I am excited about it.

I mean, Project Runway is usually full to the brim with drama and sassy contestants as it is. Now let's just imagine hormone-ridden teens competing against each other while making clothes. This is going to be great, guys. Great.

The show will apparently be called Threads, and will be hosted by Vanessa Simmons (Rev Run's daughter), and (it gets more exciting) Christian Siriano. So much fabulous fierceness all in one place.

So far Threads has a lot going for it: little tiny aspiring designers, clothes, inevitable teenage drama, AND Christian Siriano. This is going to be nothing short of sheer brilliance. The only thing that could possibly make this better is if it was Project Runway for BABIES. I'm talking about getting all the stylish toddlers — like Mayhem, Alonso Mateo, and Ryker — together for one big pile of adorableness. But I guess that could get complicated with child labor laws or whatever.

But Threads isn't the only new show Lifetime has lined up for the future. Other new shows include Born in the Wild, a reality series about natural childbirth in the wild (wait, WHAT?) and Girlfriend Intervention, which Lifetime described in the following terms: "Girlfriend Intervention stars four wise, poised and stylish African-American women, who, in each episode, help a white sister seeking a complete makeover to restore her confidence and inner glow." Oh. Ok.

Basically Lifetime is about to get really interesting, really soon. And I will certainly be tuning in.