This 'Fault in Our Stars' Quiz Will Tell You Whether to See or Skip the Adaptation

If you have not read John Green's novel The Fault in Our Stars you've probably been pretty confused over the past few months. What does #TFIOS mean? Why does every teen girl I know keep sharing pictures of this guy wearing glasses on her facebook? Why is everyone incessantly talking about Shailene Woodley? First, if you have been having these feelings, know that you are not alone. Second, let me explain: there is a movie coming out based on the novel The Fault in Our Stars this week, and the The Fault in Our Stars' huge fanbase has been freaking out about it. And if you haven't read the book, it's hard to form an opinion without being swayed somehow by the "OMG" of it all. So the question to answer is: should you let yourself be caught up in the hype? Lucky for you, we have a quiz to help you determine that answer.

Which movie is your favorite?

A. Love Story

B. 500 Days of Summer

C. Heathers

D. The Dark Knight

How do you feel about crying in movies?

A. That's how you know it's a good movie!

B. It's good sometimes, in a really affecting movie

C. It can feel a little emotionally manipulative

D. What is crying?

If you could choose, how would you die?

A. Of a tragic incurable disease

B. Of old age

C. Being eaten alive by zombies

D. Exploding in a fiery car crash

Who's your favorite author?

A. Nicholas Sparks

B. J.K. Rowling

C. Flannery O'Connor

D. Ernest Hemingway

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who's Your Favorite Teen Heroine?

A. Bella from Twilight

B. Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks

C. Veronica from Veronica Mars

D. I hate teenagers


Mostly A's: Watch it. It'll tug at your emotional heartstrings in all the right ways, and there's not a whole lot of existential conflict to ponder. It'll probably be your favorite rom-com from this year.

Mostly B's: Probably watch it. It may not be your favorite movie, but you'll enjoy it. It's a moving story, well-written, and it'll probably make Shailene Woodley your new actress girl crush.

Mostly C's: Probably don't watch it. But if one of your friends want to go, don't drag your feet. The early reviews have all been good, and its realistic, refreshing look at cancer victims is enough of a different perspective to keep you interested.

Mostly D's: Don't watch it. It seems like it'll be a good movie, but it's just not your bag. In fact, I'm surprised you even made it all the way through this quiz.

Images: Tumblr/thefaultinourstarsmovie; leena28004; sparkling-insecurities