Did "A" Kill Ezra?!

by Kaitlin Reilly

While most TV buffs are spending their time thinking about who will die next on Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars fans have spent the past few months wondering what will happen to one of their very own. During the fourth season finale of Pretty Little Liars , "A" shot Ezra Fitz and his life was left hanging in the balance. Ezra protected the girls from a mysterious hooded figure (I'd call this person "A," but this is Pretty Little Liars, where absolutely nothing is certain) and ended up getting shot in the process. Ezra then passed out in the arms of his ex-girlfriend, Aria, who sobbed uncontrollably as the former (and, okay, really current) love of her life started to slip into unconsciousness. It was not a pretty sight.

Truth be told, I'd be sadder about this character's fate if he hadn't just revealed himself as a total creep. After all, this is the guy who used his own girlfriend's personal tragedy as fodder for his very own In Cold Blood. But given that Ezra did protect the liars from a pretty awful situation, I'll give him some points — he certainly doesn't deserve to die at the hands of maybe-A.

And, luckily for Ezria fans... it looks like Ezra didn't die and will live to see Season 5!

According to E!'s TV scoop team, Ezra did indeed survive, though this won't be that much of a shocker for fans of the man behind the teacher, Ian Harding. Ian's been spotted on the Pretty Little Liars set and we doubt there would be that many flashback scenes for Fitz in Season 5. Yep, Ezra is back, and while I'm not particularly thrilled to think about what this might mean for Aria and Ezra as a couple, at least "A" isn't adding to the show's already sky-high body count. (RIP, Mrs. DiLaurentis.)

Now that Ezra is squarely in the land of the living, what can we expect from a certain underage girl's favorite English teacher? (Sorry, couldn't help myself.) For one thing, Ezra knows — or, rather, thinks he knows — the true identity of "A." After years of research and plenty of false guesses, Ezra announced on the rooftop that he knew who the person chasing Ali and her friends really was. Apparently he needed to be silenced, because after that, Ezra took a bullet to the gut.

Whether Ezra really knows who "A" is may not matter in the grand scheme of things. According to The Hollywood Reporter's interview with producer Marlene King, we'll likely find out who shot Ezra in the second episode of Season 5. Does that mean that whoever shot Ezra isn't "A" after all? Possibly, but whoever it was, it's obvious that they are a seriously bad guy— or girl.

You may have to wait to find out who went after Ezra on that roof, but you won't have to wait very long to see Ezra and Aria reunite. The promo for the season premiere reveals that Aria will stop in to see her ex in the hospital. Get ready, Ezria fans, because I have a feeling that this is a ship that won't die— just like Ezra himself.

Tune in to the premiere of Pretty Little Liars on June 10 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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