'The Fosters' Season 2 Premiere Clip Brings Us Back To the Day-to-Day Of the Family — VIDEO

After months away it's about time for The Fosters to come back into our lives. And they will, soon enough — the show's back June 16 on ABC Family. So what's the season premiere of The Fosters gonna look like? The first clip from the episode should give us at least a little bit of a hint.

Apparently the Season 2 premiere doesn't pick up exactly where we left off last season — AKA in that court house finding out Callie's biological dad is not who she thought he was, that he was in fact destined to be Kerr Smith. Nope, we're some undisclosed time past that, with Lena's pregnancy cravings calling for spaghetti for breakfast and Jude's new birth certificate arriving for group admiration.

Callie's situation still seems to be largely up in the air, as it has literally never not been since the start of the show. Bustle's own Christine DiStasio laid out four predictions for how this season of The Fosters might go, which include some interesting possibilities. So what do you think? Will Kerr Smith come in and steal Callie away from the loving Fosters with his Dawson's Creek charm? Will Callie and Brandon get all Flowers In the Attic once they're legally brother and sister? Just how dramatic is ABC Family gonna get up in there?

Image: ABC Family