4 Predictions for 'The Fosters' Season 2 Based on Brand New Clip — VIDEO

There's no shortage of family drama here. The Fosters Season 2 will premiere on June 16 and we've already got high expectations — especially for Callie. The first promo for the Season 2 premiere was packed with revelations and difficult decisions for the ever-growing Foster clan. And on Wednesday, ABC Family upped the ante with a first-look at The Fosters Season 2 that shows the breakout drama's sophomore season is right on par with it's breakout first season.

The new clip doesn't give much away, but it's brief, dramatic one-liners reveal enough that my mind is spinning with theories. The Season 1 finale might have been the last great day this family will have for awhile — because the first-look doesn't show promising things ahead. It jumps from Stef and Lena to Callie to Brandon (the main centers growth and drama in the series) in quick succession before ending in a hospital. #Drama. For one, it looks like once Brandon is rehabilitated from that brutal beating he took in the finale, he's going to be back to his angsty, teenage self. (Some things never change.) But as for Stef, Lena, and Callie — like Brandon says in the clip, things will never be the same.

Watch the promo here:

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Intense, right? Now, onto those theories.

Callie Isn't Over Brandon

I mean, is that not completely obvious to anyone else? Wyatt is a nice guy, but Callie sounds a lot like she's trying to talk herself and him into sealing the deal in this first-look. I don't doubt that Callie likes him and that she feels safe enough with him to go down this road, but it just seems hasty and like she's really trying so hard to push her feelings for Brandon away.

Lena's Going To Miscarry

Those don't look like happy faces in that hospital. As much as I don't want to believe that it's a possibility, chances are that Lena's going to lose the baby. The pregnancy was at a slight risk to begin with and it took Stef so long to come around that, in ABC Family terms, it'd make sense to have it not work out. (I really hope I'm wrong though.)

Brandon Will Confess

He was going to have to open up and spill his guts at some point. And it looks like, as soon as he's good and healthy, that's what he's going to do and he'll be totally teenager-y about it. If his attitude in the clip is any indication, as soon as Brandon's recovered, he's going to go back to being the same, old Brandon that's a dumbest know-it-all of all time. Proving that he learned nothing from bartering with Anna and helping some thug make fake IDs.

Stef & Lena's Relationship Will Be Tested

Not just because of the miscarriage, but just by being parents. Early on in the clip, Lena tells Stef that they can't protect their kids from everything. (I'm assuming she's referring to Brandon's fight, but that's just a guess. It could also be about Callie losing her virginity.) Stef gets flustered and asks her if she even understands what's going on, which I'm sure she does. But, here we are again having to face the fact that Stef had a child and went through the phases of being a mother before she met Lena, so she feels a sense of authority on the subject of parenting. And when the going gets tough, Stef likes to throw around things that discredit Lena as a parent because she apparently knows better — that's not going to go well.

Image: ABC Family