'Team No Hoes' Facebook Page Leaks Woman's STD Diagnosis, Because Of Course

An Ohio woman is suing the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and two of its employees for allegedly leaking her STI diagnosis online in a "Team No Hoes" Facebook group. Yup, Team No Hoes. I wish I were making this up.

Apparently, the employees published a screenshot of her name and the syphilis diagnosis from her file to the group of around 2,300 members. And they didn’t stop there. They also went on to make a lot of obnoxious presumptions about her based off the diagnosis and called her a slew of names, including “hoe” and “slut." Unbelievable!

Now, the woman has filed a lawsuit for more than $25,000 in damages, claiming the two hospital staff members posted her records at the request of her ex-boyfriend. It’s unclear what the relationship is between her ex and either of the medical center employees, but she has also filed a suit against her former boyfriend.

Officials at UC Health, which operates the hospital, said they could not comment on the pending litigation.

I don’t even know where to begin with this. To call this a huge violation is an understatement. Whatever happened to patient confidentiality? First of all, this woman’s sex life and any diagnosis regarding it is her business. For these so-called professionals to basically assume she’s promiscuous because of it and make fun of her, even among themselves, is bad enough. But to publish it online in what seems to be a group designed specifically for slut-shaming? That’s a new low, not to mention illegal.

All I can say is if I were in this woman’s shoes, I’d also be trying to sue the pants off the people responsible. The employees who did this to her clearly don’t belong in health care, and that should be made known.