Happy National Donut Day, Homer, Wayne & Dexter!

by Rachel Semigran

Guys, guys, GUYS SERIOUSLY PAY ATTENTION! It’s National Donut Day! Could there be any sweeter words in the English language (National Cheese Day, perhaps, but let's not get picky). For the past 76 years, on the first friday of every June, patrons across America are treated to free rings of doughy, sugary heaven. The tradition was started by the Salvation Army to honor World War I volunteers. Ever since then, we’ve been celebrating freedom and FREE donuts.

The vital information here folks is where you can get your favorite indulgence for free today: At Dunkin Donuts, you can get a free donut with any beverage purchase, Krispy Kreme are givin’ 'em away with no purchase necessary; in true Canadian fashion, you get a free one at Tim Horton’s if you say, “Happy National Donut Day!” to the cashier; and in true southern manners, Shipley Do-Nuts are giving away free donuts AND coffee with no purchase necessary; and rounding it out with Midwestern charm is LaMar’s who are also offering free donuts with no strings (just icing) attached.

To commemorate this momentous and delicious day, let’s take a look at our favorite donut-lovers in pop culture. They don't care if it's spelled "donut" or "doughnut," they just care that there are donuts, just like you and me. Confectionary champions of the world, unite!

Homer Simpson

The Grandmaster of Donut Appreciation. For there was ne'er a character in all the land with such fondness for donuts.

Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar

Sure, every trip to Stan Mikita's donuts came with an unwarranted lecture on love and passion, but hey the coffee and crullers were so good they'd make you say SCHA-WING.

Rory and Lorelai Gilmore

When it comes to television's quippiest mother-and-daughter pair, their unbiased love of junk food knew no bounds. Donuts welcome.

Miranda Hobbes

Technically she had a love affair with chocolate eclairs. Which is just a log-shaped creme donut. There was also that thing with the Krispy Kremes, but we’d rather keep that one in the past...


Murderer schmurderer! This guy brings donuts!

Buster Bluth

Beware, people of Randy's Donuts! Buster Bluth is experimenting with medical marijuana... ohhh BROTHER.

Liz Lemon

Because you need a dessert for your night cheese.

Ron Swanson

Few things make this man giddy. Sex and donuts are two of them.


He loves them for sure, he just can't DECIDE on the last one. A Mr. Show CLASSIC.


They work just as well as garlic!

Iron Man

I think wearing that suit is enough to burn off any and all donuts.


There is NO SUCH THING as a donut of shame!

Images: Fox; caseywasthere/Wordpress; Paramount Pictures; Warner Bros.; Showtime; Fox; Fuck30Rock/Tumblr; Fox; Paramount Pictures; Nickelodeon