'Real Housewives of New Jersey's Dina Manzo Will Fill The Witchy Void Left By Carlton Gebbia — VIDEO

In a recent episode of In The Ring With Jenni Pulos (and no, it is not a show about Jenni Pulos opening her own jewelry store. It's a BravoTV.com web series hosted by Pulos in clown drag), Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor flaunts his bare torso and arms. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL: Real Housewives of New Jersey 's Dina Manzo tells Jeff Lewis' Flipping Out costar that she is a witch. Allow me to set the stage: After doing impressions of Barbie dolls and showing off her double-jointedness, the New Jersey Housewife says, “I can tell you a secret of mine.” Pulos and I immediately start frothing at the mouth. Whatever the secret IS, we NEED it.

“I actually, like, do magic," Manzo purrs (if there is any human on this planet whose voice is a purr, it is Manzo). "I’m, like, a white witch. Mmhm, I do."

Because I am me, I can't help but think about Carlton Gebbia, the white witch of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, after hearing this little tidbit. (Granted, Gebbia is rarely not on my mind. Her departure stabbed me in the gut.) Uh oh. I have an idea: A Manzo/Gebbia show. I'm being serious. Can someone make a Manzo/Carlton witch reality show happen? Please, Andy Cohen? PLEASE?! I can picture it now: The fabulous side eying and judgy smiles, the dulcet tones of their voices, perfectly over-the-top parties, Grandma Wrinkles, and witch balls. I know it was my own idea, but I am sold. Where do I sign?

Manzo continues:

I’m not, like, Wiccan or anything crazy. I do rituals with the sun and the moon and the seasons. And I’m usually naked, I do them at night, and depending where the sun and the stars are and everything, you do different rituals to bring on good things. You never never use it for bad. So even if somebody’s annoying me really bad, I can’t use the magic for bad.

Naked magic. She practices naked magic. Ugh, I've missed her. I'm so glad she's back.