Carlton Gebbia's Post-'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Plans Should Make Fans Very Happy

We all saw it coming. You could say it's been in the tea leaves (i.e., tabloids) for months: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reportedly fired my beloved Carlton Gebbia. There’d been cast overhaul talk all last season, so this cut wasn't particularly shocking. Even so, it still stings like the dickens. At Wednesday night’s Maleficent premiere (so on-brand, Gebbia. LOVE IT), E! News' Giuliana Rancic asked Gebbia about her post- RHOBH plans. Gebbia told Rancic that she has not “officially been notified yet by Bravo,” but that if she is fired, she sees it as “a blessing in disguise."

A blessing? Why's that, Gebbs? Any chance it has something to do with no longer being contractually obligated to hang out with nemesis Kyle Richards? Eh? EH?

Gebbia did not get that real at the Maleficent premiere. She wasn't there to drag the other Housewives' names through the mud. She was there to have a good time, bask in the glory that is Angelina Jolie's prosthetic cheekbones, et cetera.

What Gebbia actually said: It'd mean she'd have more free time to pursue other endeavors. Her husband has a reality show "in the works," and no RHOBH would mean she'd have "the opportunity to work with him."

She also said that if this is the end of the RHOBH road for her, that it was “a great experience.”

Well, that's diploma— Back the truck up: A REALITY SHOW?! YAAAAAAS. Her answer is vague, but it's too late. I'm excited. I don't care what the reality show is about. I'm in.

Sorry to get graphic.

Images: drivenbyluxury/tumblr