Guess Who Is Sneaking Into 'TFIOS' Screenings?

If you’re seeing The Fault In Our Stars on opening day,1) prepare to weep until your cheeks go numb, and 2) you will want to be on the lookout for any TFiOS actors sitting in the audience. Friday morning, TFIOS author John Green tweeted that he “snuck into a theater to watch #tfios on opening day with an audience," and that he “heard the cast is doing this too!” Uh, adorable. Keep them peepers peeled!

(Side note: Whenever anyone says they “snuck” or “crept," I imagine them tiptoeing around like the cat burglar on The Sims. So yes, I am currently picturing a Sim burglar with Green's face stealthily finding his seat in a crowded movie theater, popcorn in hand. It's the best.)

No, Green doesn't name names. No, Green doesn't name cities. No, Green doesn't even guarantee that the cast is doing this. As slim as the odds may seem, do not lose hope. Your ticket could be a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket. No, you won't win a tour of a surreal candy factory, but you could "win" the chance to sob your eyes out next to a TFiOS star in a movie theater. This could be your day, Charlie Bucket. Get that chocolate bar, er, movie ticket.