Peyton Reed Confirmed to Direct 'Ant-Man' After Edgar Wright Departed Project

At long last — or at least, what feels like warrants an "at long last," even if it's just been a couple of weeks — Ant-Man has a director, Peyton Reed. This is a good sign, because it was really beginning to seem like we were going to have to tout it as the Movie That Would Not Be Directed By Anyone Ever.

After Edgar Wright's departure last month, there was ample speculation about whom would be taking over the director's chair, but now we know the answer. Peyton Reed is set to direct Ant-Man. Ant-Man will come to fruition. Everything is okay on the business side of the Marvel Universe with regards to Ant-Man, as far as we know.

Reed has a lot of work to do in the next couple of months, given that Marvel seems unwilling to budge on the set release date of July 17, 2015, but he's in good company to get that job done. Paul Rudd is starring as Scott Lang (A.K.A., the titular man who can shrink to any size), and Michael Douglas co-stars as scientist Hank Pym. The script will be rewritten by longtime Will Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay, who was among the directors rumored to take over when Wright left the film.

Reed is most known for directing comedies, and while we've come to the conclusion that this will likely be a funny action flick — McKay is writing the script, after all — Reed's comedies have been much more lighthearted fare, such as the cheerleading classic Bring It On and The Break-Up. We'll see how it all turns out when it arrives in theaters next summer, but until then, we can at least move on with our concerns about Ant-Man. It's happening, and there's a director, so long as Reed doesn't decide to up and go, in which case, we'll really have to wonder if there's an Ant-Man curse.

Now there's a movie that should be written: a behind the scenes look at making a Marvel movie with an evil curse from a super villain. Hey, just an idea to plant movie execs' heads.