Will 'Real Housewives of Orange County's Vicki Gunvalson Move To Oklahoma? The Answer Is Painfully Clear

It's been a season of ups and downs for Vicki Gunvalson on The Real Housewives of Orange County . While Vicki seems to love being a nana to her grandson Troy and is excited for her daughter Briana to give birth to her second child, she's had a hard time accepting the fact that Briana and her family will be moving to Oklahoma.

Briana's husband is in the Marines, and after ending his recent tour in Afghanistan, he was told he would be stationed in Oklahoma. Naturally, Briana knew she wanted move there with Troy so that they can all live together as one big happy family. In last Monday's episode, Briana said she hated living in California and couldn't wait to get away. She wants her children to have an upbringing different from her own, with a backyard to play in and friends in the neighborhood. Getting away from her mother actually seems to be a bit of a bonus, too.

But none of that has stopped Vicki from doing everything in her power to convince Briana to stay with her in the Golden State. She has asked Briana to remain there just until the baby is born, offered to let her live in her own house, and suggested that Briana stay in California and just commute to Oklahoma on weekends to be with her husband. Believe it or not (we can believe it), all of that has been to no avail, and Briana still moved to Oklahoma.

Vicki doesn't feel like screaming "Woo Hoo!" over the idea of schlepping to Oklahoma just to see her daughter and her family. So will we ever see a day when the only remaining original RHOC cast member leaves the show to start RHOOK, The Real Housewives of Oklahoma?

It's clear that Vicki absolutely loves her daughter and her family and wants to live as close to them as possible, but judging from her feelings about Oklahoma, we can't imagine her moving there anytime soon. In last week's episode alone, Vicki was very judgmental about what she saw during her first trip to the state. Her concern over the area being prone to tornadoes was understandable, but Vicki also scoffed at some of the houses looking like they were in the middle of nowhere. She also didn't seem to enjoy one local restaurant's house special of lamb fries, which she later found out were lamb testicles.

It was hard to tell if Vicki was asking locals how they liked Oklahoma so that she would have some evidence on her side that it's a terrible place, or if she was actually trying to get some good news for Briana. Vicki said, "Oklahoma is a fine place to visit," but she would never want to live there, nor would she want her grandchildren living there.

Vicki also had some harsh words about the state in the RHOC season premiere. She said, "Oklahoma's an invisible state. Nobody ever talks about Oklahoma. I think it's a forgotten state." She also wondered what kind of food they eat in Oklahoma, as if it's some exotic, foreign land. Needless to say, many found Vicki's comments offensive, and they took to her Facebook page to air their grievances. Vicki later apologized on Twitter, writing "What I said about OK was only a direct response to a question that was asked if we had ever been there. #loveoklahoma, #missbri."

Plus, let's not forget that Vicki does not do well with travel (family van-gate, anyone?). Could you imagine what packing up her home to move to a completely different state would be like? Not good.

So it looks like the OC will be stuck with Vicki for at least a few more years. But no matter how she feels about Oklahoma, it's not going to keep her from visiting Briana. Vicki says she has been back to Oklahoma about five times since filming last week's episode, and she doesn't seem to be hating it too much.

Oh, the things we do for family.

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