'Reward MH370' Effort Wants to Raise $5 Million for 'Whistleblower' Reward and Investigation

Relatives of those who died in the crash are reportedly starting a campaign, 'Reward MH370,' to raise $5 million for a 'whistleblower' reward and an independent investigation. The crowdfunding campaign is expected to launch on Indiegogo on Monday. The plane disappeared on March 8 with 239 people aboard and hasn't been seen or heard from since. Officials are convinced it crashed in the Indian Ocean after running out of fuel, but aren't sure exactly where.

Of the $5 million the small group of families is planning to raise, $3 million would go toward a reward for a (as-yet hypothetical) whistleblower, and the remaining $2 million would be used for private investigators to look into leads. Sarah Bajc, whose partner Philip Wood was on board MH370, is helping lead the effort of Reward MH370: The Search for Truth, she told USA Today.

We are taking matters into our own hands. ....I'm convinced that somebody is concealing something.

Bajc also said that after months of searching, there's "no credible evidence" the plane is where investigators say it must be: in the Indian Ocean off the western coast of Australia.

Right now, the search has mostly stalled thanks to a lack of leads. Right now, USA Today recently reported, a ship from China is busy making a map of 23,000 square miles of the bottom of the ocean around where the plane might be. Australia, Malaysia, and China are also in the process of hiring a private contractor to help continue searching.

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The Australian former air marshal who's heading the search, Angus Houston, told USA Today the families' skepticism and hunt for a whistleblower was misplaced.

Nothing important is being concealed in any way. My approach has always been to be as open as I could possibly be. Is every piece of analysis out there? I don't think it is. But the analysis is still ongoing.