Shooters At Las Vegas Walmart Kill 5, Proclaim 'The Revolution Has Begun' (UPDATED)

Five people are reported dead following a shooting near a Las Vegas Walmart. There were two attackers — one male and one female — and both reportedly killed themselves after the assault. It's unclear how many in total are dead, but local reports indicate that the death toll is at least five, including the shooters.

According to 8NewsNow, the shooting commenced when two suspects stormed a nearby pizzeria at around 11:30 and shot and killed two police officers inside. Witnesses say that the suspects then took the officers' weapons and ammunition, proclaiming that "the revolution has begun" and heading into the Walmart across the street.

Police soon barricaded the Walmart, and a Metro police radio call at 11:50 am local time indicated that a man armed with a rifle and bullet-proof vest was shooting inside the store. The suspects killed one bystander in the store, and Metro SWAT units entered the store at around noon. The armor unit was deployed fifteen minutes later.

A photographer for News3 reported seeing three body bags being brought out of the Walmart before noon. The two police were killed at the pizzeria, not the Walmart, which would suggest that the death toll is at least 5. It's unclear, however, whether that total includes the shooters, who reportedly carried out a suicide pact at the back of the store.

Several lanes of traffic near the store have been closed down, and Nevada police are on the scene as well.

We will update this page as the story develops.