'Game of Thrones'' Gilly & Sam kissed, But Will They Ever Be Together? God, We Hope So

Oh. Em. Gee. Sam and Gilly just kissed on Game of Thrones , and it was possibly the best kiss on the show ever. Why? Because Sam & Gilly might be the only couple on GoT that actually loves each other. They're both so cutely in love with each other in such an elementary school way, and it's the perfect romance to mix with such a brutal and intense show. Obviously we need something to "awww" at. But, the thing is, will they ever be together? You know, will they have S-E-X?

If anyone deserves it, it's Sam. At the beginning of the episode he questioned Jon Snow about his time with Ygritte. Jon was a little coy with him because he felt just a tad bit awkward describing what sex is like to another person, but Sam just needed to know. His reasoning was that he's probably going to die soon, so if he's never going to get the chance to be with a woman, then he should at least know something about it. Man, does he want to have sex. He even went through all of the trouble of finding a loophole in their Night's Watch oath to prove that they can have sex as long as they don't marry anyone or father a child.

Then, the most magical thing ever happened, Sam and Gilly kissed for the first time. It was incredibly aww-worthy:

Sam: I'm a man of the Night's Watch. I made a promise to defend the wall, and I have to keep it, because that's what men do.

*Passionate kiss*

Gilly: Promise me you won't die?

Sam: I promise you, I won't die.

Best. Kiss. Ever. But is it ever going to go any further than that? To the books we go!

YES. Well, at least in the books they do. (And then Sam of course feels bad for "breaking" his vows.) But hopefully this means that they'll consummate their love for each other in the show, as well. You go, Sam!

Images: HBO; cheezburger.com