Kanye's Birthday Cake is A Little Blah

by Kaitlin Reilly

With a sweet tooth that rivals Cookie Monster's, I am pretty sure that I have never turned down cake. But even I might think twice before diving into Kanye West's birthday cake from Kim Kardashian. Okay, maybe I actually would grab a slice because: 1) Tasting Kanye's birthday cake would be a story I could tell forever, and 2) It's still cake. That being said, Kanye's 37th birthday cake from his new wife is hardly the Funfetti treat of my dreams. I guess money can't buy good taste... though, hopefully, it can buy cakes that taste better than they look.

Now, about that cake. Kim posted this photo of Kanye's birthday cake on her Instagram this Sunday, and while it definitely appealed to Kanye's ego, it probably didn't do too much for his appetite. The "cake" itself is actually a series of smaller letter cakes that together spell out "Yeezus," the name of Kanye's sixth studio album and also his nickname, given to him, allegedly, by Kid Cudi. To be fair, a cake that spells out a nickname is pretty cool — but the weird, beige color of the frosting really is not. Check it out for yourself.

See what I mean? Hardly the most appealing cake in the world, inside and out.

The cake itself appears to be all vanilla, which is fitting given that the outside is as bland and boring as ever. I'm not knocking vanilla — it's my favorite flavor in both cake and icing — but given that this is a birthday cake for Kanye-freakin'-West, you'd think that they'd jazz it up in the flavor department. Who knows — maybe this cake only looks vanilla and is really the most heavenly salted caramel flavor in the world. Either way, would it have killed someone to top the cake with something a bit more exciting than its current neutral coating? Because here's how I feel about this cake:

I guess we'll have to see what Kim and Kanye pull out for the big 3-8 next year. Happy Birthday, Kanye! I really hope your cake tasted better than it looked.

Images: kimkardashian/Instagram (2), chowiey/tumblr