Love 'Game of Thrones' Fashion? You'll Love These Daenerys-Approved Cut-Out Dresses

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Even though Sunday night's episode was all about The Wall, and climate-appropriate heavy furs reigned supreme, I'm turning towards more southern regions of The Known World for summer style tips. Specifically, King's Landing, Mereen, and Highgarden. Because who better to take style advice from than two of Westeros' potential future queens?

Dany's been serving cutout realness since she first got to Qarth in Season 2, but she recently upped her game in a serious way with the navel-baring number she infamously wore after her (off-screen!) tryst with Daario. And while the ever-fashionable Margaery Tyrell is more notable for her preference for a good deep v, she's also been known to dabble with cutouts — after all, even her gorgeous rose-and-thorn embroidered wedding gown featured a cutout in the back.

It seems that even medieval-inspired Westeros is home to one of summer's favorite trends. Cutouts have slowly been taking over the fashion consciousness, and now they're pretty much a given anywhere you might shop. But, still, no one wears them better than our favorite ladies of the Seven Kingdoms. So without further ado, here are a few dresses that can help you achieve Iron Throne-level awesomeness in your fashion choices!

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