'Breaking Bad' In Spanish Is a Great Way to Rewatch the Series — VIDEO

Diga mi nombre! The trailer for the Spanish re-make of Breaking Bad captures the original for the most part, and you might even want to re-watch the show via Univision's incarnation. And hey, it's not too late to jump on that train — er, meth-cooking mobile. This re-make, called Metástasis, had its premiere on Sunday, June 8, and it's proof that the phenomenal storytelling in Vince Gilligan's series is worth spreading across languages.

It's a pretty faithful remake. We have Walter White (Walter Blanco here), who is still a chemistry teacher, a dad, and someone who works at the car wash to earn some extra money. We see him team up with this show's version of Jesse Pinkman, here called Jose Miguel. They cook meth in an almost shot-for-shot rendition of that original sequence, and the manic RV escape is recreated as well, too, except here, they veer off in a school bus (a far more inconspicuous place to cook meth, may I add). Essentially, we can see the story that we know so well begin to unfold... in Spanish.

The show is airing in its entirety in three months, so that's some hardcore binge watching. You may not be up for re-living Walter White's descent all over again with subtitles, even the original series got your heart-rate up to the point that it counted as cardiovascular exercise, but you should still watch this very close resemblance of a trailer, or at least, EW's very exclusive clip from the series over here. It very well may be proof that Walter White is still with us...

George Dwyer on YouTube

Image: Univision