You Haven't Seen the Last of Ygritte!

by Jenny Jaffe

She's a fierce, strong-willed, raspy voiced, redheaded spitfire who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Yes, I'm describing the (tragically) late Ygritte of the Free Folk, but I'm also describing the actress who plays her. Rose Leslie, the Scottish actress whose performance as Ygritte both made us laugh and brought us to tears, has already had an impressive career.

In addition to Game of Thrones, 27-year old Leslie also made her mark as the maid Gwen Dawson on Downton Abbey. On Downton Abbey, Lady Sibyl once gave Gwen the advice, "No one hits the bullseye with the first arrow." In the case of Rose Leslie, however, that's not necessarily true.

If you need proof of what a badass Rose Leslie is besides the fact that she grew up in a castle— yes, a real, old-timey, Scottish castle— just consider the fact that, on her first ever time shooting an arrow, she launched it directly into the bullseye, splitting the arrow that was already there.

Or how about this, which may actually be even more badass than SPLITTING AN ARROW ON YOUR VERY FIRST TRY: Rose Leslie is still BFFs not only with ex-boyfriend Kit "Jon Snow" Harington, but with his rumored new flame Emilia Clarke, and the three even hang out together with no drama. Having the kind of confidence to be able to hang out with your ex and his new lady (who happens to be freaking The Mother of Dragons) is the kind of hardcore move that only the woman who suggested cutting off GoT fans' fingers to prevent spoilers from getting out is capable of.

Oh, also she's a rock climber. Like on the side of mountains. Ygritte would approve.

So what is she up to next? Well, besides getting up close and personal with fans and, presumably, conquering the world, she's also the star of the upcoming horror flick Honeymoon, and she'll be joining Justin Bartha in the indie drama Sticky Notes.

Also, hopefully, she'll come be our best friend, because clearly Rose Leslie is someone you want to have on your side.

Need I say more?

Images: giphy.com