Which '90s Series Is Getting a Second Season?

Anyone in the audience, give me a word that means "Good news." Anyone? Because we've got it — news that '90s improv favorite Whose Line Is It Anyway? will continue to air on The CW for another season.

It's hardly a surprise — the series, which was hosted by Drew Carey and is now headed by Aisha Tyler, picked up solid ratings in its first two weeks, riding on the '90s nostalgia high that every child of the Doug generation is currently feeling.

Though the series is headed by a different personality, familiar faces from the original are also regulars. Wayne Brady, Ryan Styles, and Colin Mochrie — also known as the oldest men to have ever appeared on The CW — have been delivering the same laughs as always over the past two weeks. So give the Whose Line cast some applause, why don't you?

Image: espensorvik via Flickr