So These Two Are Definitely a Thing IRL

I guess we don't need to wait for The Challenge:Free Agents reunion show to see if on-screen couple Nany and Cohutta are still going strong, because their Instagram accounts are nothing but pictures of each other...mostly kissing, and mostly semi-clothed. Nany, who on the show admitted to having a history with men who were bad for her seems to have really fallen for the laid-back southern gentleman. Though we've still got a handful of episodes to go before what will be a brutal finale to this season of The Challenge, we at least know there's one happy ending already in motion.

And boy oh boy, do these two really like to drive home the fact that they are together and really REALLY into each other. It's not just the ooey-gooey, mushy-gushy kissing pics or more scandalous ones of Nany showing major side-boob in a towel that's the worst part. It's the endlessly cheesy captions that make you wanna "awwww" and "uuuugggghhh" all at once. But hey, good for these two. Considering the ugly experiences some cast members have experienced on and off camera due to this show, it's nice knowing that sometimes The Challenge can actually bring people together — rather than tear them apart in a sea of flying fists. YAY LOVE!

Take a look (if you dare!) at their Instagrammed smooch-fest:

The Beyonce-Inspired Halo Effect

The Sexy Meat Plate

With the caption, "The only glass of sweet tea in NYC #SaysCohutta"

The Aviators of Sexy

The Side Boob Heard 'Round the World

Just a liiiiiiittle much Cohutta. Especially with the caption, "Got her again. Now hand over that towel woman.#sneaky #cameraman #nyc"

The Extra Banana

But how can you hate on Cohutta when he says things like, "I'm a lucky man. Everyone loves bananas. #potassium"

Images: NanyMTV (4)/ CohuttaLeeMTV(2)/Instagram