Teen Miley Cyrus Burglars Were Armed with — You Guessed it — A Stolen Gun

So remember last week when Miley Cyrus was robbed of a bunch of her material possessions, including her car? And remember later when that Maserati turned up in Simi Valley, California? Yeah, well, as it turns out the two highly intelligent and not-at-all dickbaggish teens responsible for the crime were also carrying a gun while they burgled. And — twist of all twist — the gun was stolen, too! Man, aren't criminals just the best, you guys? Especially in our post-The Bling Ring, object-obsessed world?

The duo — whom TMZ are referring to as a "good looking 'Bonnie and Clyde' couple" because that doesn't glamorize and romanticize stealing shit that isn't yours or anything — were apparently packing handgun heat when they hopped the fence at Miley's place, nabbing baubles, clothes, and purses in addition to the very nice exit ride.

Though both were charged for the crimes, Tylor Scott and Naomi Charles, did receive slightly different charges given the illegal procurement of the aforementioned gun. Turns out the firearm was one that Scott stole in a different burglary, so he's also got a nice little charge of Grand Theft Firearm to deal with when the time comes to head to court.

Just a friendly reminder that stealing is very bad and also the people who do it are the worst!