WICK's No Stress Black Dress Kickstarter Will Make Your Party Wardrobe So Much More Awesome

When choosing a perfect party outfit it's only natural to be a tad bit picky. Your favorite dress is dry clean only and you can't bear the thought of someone spilling their drink on you so that dress is out. You just bought a great new skirt, but it has no pockets and you aren't in the mood to bring a purse with you. You have a backless dress that would be fabulous for the party, but dealing with a sticky bra all night isn't on your to do list. The list goes on and on, but two Princeton seniors are working to revolutionize your party wardrobe with WICK's No Stress Black Dress Kickstarter.

Liz Lian and Sanibel Chai co-founded WICK in June 2013 when they refused to settle for the dresses, skirts, and tops that were already on the market. According to the WICK site, "Our mission is to dress the active, independent, and fun-loving woman (or as we like to call her, the WICK Chick) as the best version of herself and to eliminate the sources of stress that previously prevented her from doing so." Half of Lian and Chai's $20,000 funding goal has already been reached, but with 18 days left of the campaign they are still looking for support.

Every dress, top, and skirt found in the WICK line is made from high-quality performance fabric and 100% machine-washable. Added bonus: some of the pieces have roomy pockets to hold your cellphone, keys, and cash (or any other personal belongings you can fit!) and the optional built-in bras are the perfect solution to the backless dress sticky bra dilemma. Don't forget the performance wear fabric means that those unavoidable party spills won't ruin your night because any liquid will dry quickly — and you can throw your outfit in the wash the next day.

As a recent college graduate, I've had my fair share of drink spills on dry clean only clothing and have worn dozens of skirts and dresses that are adorable but pocket-less. That being said, WICK's No Stress Black Dress is something I can definitely get behind. Worried the LBD isn't summer-appropriate? Don't worry, Mila Kunis and Cate Blanchett can show you how.

Main Image: wickusa.com