Pawleys Island, SC, Deck Collapses Under Weight Of Selfie-Taking Tourists

People will go to great lengths for a good selfie shot, but the latest selfie disaster demonstrates that a good pic might literally require blood, sweat, and tears. On Friday, June 6th, a gorgeous, full rainbow appeared over the ocean at Pawleys Island, S.C. Pawleys is a popular beach destination, so it's no surprise that a group of 25 tourists rushed out onto a deck to take advantage of the photo op. However, the deck they were standing on collapsed beneath them, sending them plummeting into the ocean.

Although no one was seriously injured, 13 people had to be taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. Hopefully, some of the 25 selfie-snappers were able to preserve the photos they took — although I can imagine that their phones got a good soaking along with everything else. After all, this gives a whole new meaning to "pics or it didn't happen."

Here's an image of the havoc-wreaking rainbow itself, along with a photo taken from the Sea View Inn's back porch...

The Sea View Inn, the site of the collapse, released a statement that says, "This deck was not in disrepair or in a compromised state. It was waterlogged from the recent deluge of rain and simply could not hold the weight."

These Pawley's Island beachgoers are not the only victims of serious selfie miscalculation. This Minnesota bride and groom took a plunge into the water, along with most of their wedding party, when the jetty they were standing on for a photo opportunity collapsed underneath them (Impressively, the ceremony started only 10 minutes late). And even when water isn't involved, people can struggle hardcore with snapping a quality shot.

In case you think you might be in need of some advice, here are some pro tips for high-quality selfies.

Image: FitsNews