‘Vanderpump Rules’ Makes Taye Diggs Cry So Find Comfort in Knowing You Aren’t Alone

Actor Taye Diggs and former half of Broadway's most-loved couple opened up about his split from Idina Menzel in a recent interview. And since the focus was, of course, on the breakup, it was easy for one very important, unrelated fact Diggs mentioned slip through the radar. Taye Diggs cried while watching Vanderpump Rules and he admitted it himself. He just threw it in there casually while talking about his relationship with Menzel. Well we're not going to let it slide, Diggs! If you're a Vanderpump fan, that is pertinent information and fellow Vanderpumpers — That's what fans are called, duh. I totally didn't just come up with that —need to know about it!

In an interview with Redbook, Diggs noted that he expected people would be upset about the end of his marriage to Menzel. He told the magazine, "I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when I thought, Oh, man, people are going to trip out [if we split]." He also explained why people might care so much saying it could be because they met while doing Rent, because their relationship was interracial, or because Menzel was so talented.

Okay, we get it! Enough with the compliments to your ex and pondering of why people are so obsessed with you! Get on to the good stuff.

Somehow Diggs' television watching habits came up and he said, "I watch some pretty awful reality shows. I cried over an episode of Vanderpump Rules." He cried! Why would you cry over an episode of Vanderpump Rules?! Was he watching in the midst of his separation and that Kristen and Tom Sandoval drama really got to him? Or was it Scheana's marriage proposal that got the water works flowing? Maybe Jax's total soullessness got him into a bad metal state. No matter what brought the tears on, this has now confirmed that Taye Diggs is definitely scouring the Internet for Season 3 information, so hopefully now you can find some peace in knowing you aren't the only one.