Stassi's Back in L.A. & We Know What That Means

She's baaaaaaaaack. No, she didn't get the spinoff of our dreams (yet!), but it looks like Stassi Schroeder will definitely be around for Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules. Schroeder, who now lives in New York City, has been palling around with Vanderpumpers Katie Maloney and Kristina Kelly in Los Angeles for the past few weeks. Vanderpump Rules Season 3 filming just commenced this week. Coincidence? Eh, I'm inclined to think not. The timing is too sus. And come on, why else would she be part of a Bravo photo shoot? She's totes Vanderpumping.

On the one hand, this news is so exciting. What would Vanderpump be without Princess Stassi? I shudder at the thought. On the other hand, I worry that the dynamic of the show will feel off. I know reality TV isn't 100 percent real, but the drama on Vanderpump has, as far as reality TV drama goes, a relatively genuine vibe. Schroeder has admitted that some of what transpired on the first two seasons of the show was "amped up," but most of it was real. I BUY IT.

However, a lot has changed since Season 2. Schroeder left L.A, said she is donezo with most of the cast, and is not working at SUR. If she isn't serving crispy chicken at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant or talking to a majority of her costars, how will she fit into the show? Will it be two separate shows? Will it be SUR vs. Stassi? Will she be a supporting character? Or will she jump back into the fire and stir shit up? Will it still feel real? Or will the show feel contrived?

Sadly, I don't have a crystal ball. We'll have to patiently wait and see how it all plays out. In the meantime, let's look at pics from Schroeder's L.A. visit!

Heeeeey, laaaaadies:

WHERE ARE THEY?! I stared at the check presenter for a good five minutes, but I can't read the name of the restaurant.

Maloney and Schroeder gettin' their margarita on:

Heeeey, laaaaaadies:

Wait. Who is Jen Bush? Will she be on the show?

Schroeder's eyeliner game is out of this world:

I want to be a part of it:

Welcome back, Schroeder! L.A.'s missed you.

Images: stassischroeder/Instagram (3); musickillskate/Instagram; kristinakelly/Instagram