'22 Jump Street': Everything You Need to Know About The Even-Crazier Sequel

Ah, 2012: that innocent time when Channing Tatum was just that good-looking dancer from Step Up, and Jonah Hill was only the annoying kid from Superbad who'd somehow wrangled an Oscar nomination for Moneyball. At the year's start, the only thing the two actors had in common was a tendency to get type-casted and upcoming stints on SNL. Yet that all changed when 21 Jump Street was released in March. Thanks to fantastic reviews and a cool $138 million dollars nationwide, the unlikely duo became the country's most in-demand comedy team, and it came as no surprise that one day after the movie's release, a sequel was announced. Now, more than two years later, 22 Jump Street is about to hit theaters, and we couldn't be more excited.

While there's no telling yet how the second film will compare to the first, there's no question that at least where the box office is considered, 22 is set to give its predecessor a run for its money (hah). It's perhaps the most highly-anticipated comedy of the summer, and those hilarious trailers should convince anyone who missed out on the first movie that they shouldn't do the same for the second. Two years ago, no one may have expected that Tatum and Hill would be comedy's dream team, but today, anything they do together — Jump Street, This is the End, making bets about kissing each other's penises — is not to be missed. Well, maybe not that last thing.

Here's everything you need to know about 22 Jump Street:

It's Basically Just the First Movie, But In College

The plot of the sequel is pretty much the same as the first movie: Schmidt and Jenko go undercover to find the origins of an illegal drug, and make total fools out of themselves along the way. Yet while 21 was set in high school, 22 is all about college — which, unfortunately, means that there probably won't be any scenes of Jonah Hill hanging upside down in a Peter Pan costume. There will, however, be disapproving roommates, football games, and too-small dorm room beds, so the hijinks should continue just fine.

(Almot) All of the Cast is Back

Like in the first movie, the supporting cast of 22 consists of Nick Offerman, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, and Ice Cube. The only main member of the first film not back this time is Brie Larson, which, as much as we wish otherwise, makes sense; Larson's character, a high school student, would've had no place in Schmidt and Jenko's college life.

It's Gonna Be Great

It's not often that a sequel is better than the original, but 22 Jump Street might just be the exception to the rule. As of now, the new movie has a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score, eight points higher than its predecessor. Sure, only a handful of reviews are in so far, but right now, 22 looks to be funnier, smarter, and more enjoyable than its first — and considering how great 21 was, that leads to some pretty high expectations.

There Probably Won't Be Another

The main actors and the studio have stayed mum on this, but according to cast member Amber Stevens, a sequel is "not going to happen," and Sony is probably "done making sequels." Yet it's hard to imagine that a studio would let a franchise as popular as Jump Street die out after just two movies. We already have the plot: Jenko and Schmidt take law school. Or med school. Or daycare. Really, we'll take anything, as long as it means Hill and Tatum keep teaming up, making us laugh, and looking like total fools.

Image: Sony