Qoowl's Eco-Friendly Sunglasses are Made Out of 100% Plywood

Now here's a pair of sunglasses I think Shailene Woodley could get behind. Dutch studio Qoowl has officially designed the first sustainable pair of sunglasses constructed out of 100% wood. According to Design Milk, the designers took on the challenge of creating something out of a single sheet of plywood and as a result, ShadE was born.

Weighing only 3/10 of a pound, ShadE sunglasses are an extremely light and functional pair of eyewear. How were they able to do it? Qoowl's designers laser-cut a sheet of plywood, notching out slots in the design. Then, they sanded and bent it at the sides so each pair could fit perfectly around the face. You can wear them as is — or over your regular glasses if you want to be super extra hip.

ShadE has even extended their no waste philosophy to their packaging: Each pair comes in a box made out of a single sheet of cardboard.

Although ShadE sort of resembles those shutter shades (made popular by Kanye West), this modern iteration is definitely cooler. After all, they're laser-cut out of wood and totally eco-friendly. The price point won't hurt either — ShadE will only cost you $20 for a pair.


This is just the latest sustainably-designed project for Qoowl. Their collection also includes an upcycled clock made from a sanding disc and a cardboard light installation. To check out more of their products, you can visit qoowl.com.