This is hardcore parkour like you have never seen

Parkour, that sometimes-astounding and oft-ridiculous sport, has been getting increasingly popular in the last several years. Modern-day ninjas like Parkour Santa and the athletes behind Extreme Hopscotch are wowing us with their dexterous moves (and making us feel a little ashamed that we'd break our butts if we tried the same stuff). But new parkour hero Craig Benzine has emerged, unveiling crazy stunts like jaywalking, fence-touching, and swinging under a railing instead of going over it (GENIUS), and he puts them all to shame...kinda. Parkour experts worldwide, step aside — Benzine is going to school you in Bad Parkour.

Been getting really good at bad parkour, you guys," Benzine, a Chicago-area video producer, musician, and vlogger wrote on his YouTube channel. Benzine's video satirizes real life parkour, as well as the out-of-control, you-aren't-even-human kind that appears in video games like Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, and Titanfall. According to Wikipedia, parkour is apparently about getting places in the most efficient way possible. I am not sure I buy this, because it looks like those snazzy moves take serious energy. On the other hand, Benzine's hardcore moves, like crossing the street without looking both ways, are totally my kind of parkour.

I could get into this, since I would look like this if I tried any real parkour stunts:

If you want more of Benzine's hilarious antics, check some of his other Youtube videos, like Antimatter Elmo. Or, you know, you could just watch Bad Parkour over and over again. Which may or may not be what I've been doing all afternoon.

Image and Video: WheezyWaiter/Youtube

Image: Gifbin