'Game of Thrones' Gets Soapy

It seems that every week with each new episode we discuss this at length: one of the best parts of watching Game of Thrones are the parodies of some of the big scenes via videos, memes, and GIFs. This week, we saw Ygritte go, and as sad as we all are, the melodramatic slow-motion death begged for some viral Intern riffing. So now, you must see this mash-up of Game of Thrones and The O.C. because Imogen Heap's "Mmm Whatcha Say" must accompany any melodramatic moment. Also, the more slow-motion Jon Snow, the better.

This isn't the first Ygritte death parody we've seen — on Monday, the Internet gifted us with Bon Jovi accompanying Ygrittes' descent (get it? "Shot to the heart, and you're too late?") This, however, totally nails it. FYI, if you're looking at it closely, Ygritte is Trey, Jon Snow is Ryan, and arrow-shooting Ollie is Marisa. (Also, can we get an O.C. reunion? We can't? Okay, fine. Let's cry in slow-mo to an indie soundtrack from 2003.)

Anyway, this extended slow-motion death sequence is exactly what we needed. Some folks were already dismissing the slow death in the midst of an otherwise painful battle (I, on the other hand, was singing Les Mis in my living room), so this should surely satiate any desire to make fun of that part of the episode.

Check it out, and enjoy!

Image: Youtube