Did Ezra Really Figure Out "A"s Identity?

by Christine DiStasio

This was it? It's not even like we didn't predict this "A" identity a long time ago. On Tuesday night's Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiere, Ezra revealed that Shana was "A." And I was completely taken aback by how obvious the conclusion was. Frankly, after all of this time, I don't believe that the answer is that simple — especially after Melissa Hastings' declaration that she's running the "A" game. Maybe Shana thought she was "A," but I really think Ezra was totally wrong.

Sure, he predicted it well enough that Aria was able to save Ali and her friends from being shot to death by a raging psychopath. But, again, I don't see bright-eyed mystery novelist Ezra Fitz cracking the elusive mystery of "A"s identity that easily. It's just not I. Marlene King nor PLL's way — and I don't think King meant the show was going to dumb itself down when she said that Season 5 felt like an entirely new show.

Now, I know Ezra put in years of extensive work to come to this conclusion — so I won't deny that it's valid to a point. Shana worked with "A," perhaps she was even under the delusion that she was "A." But there's no way that Shana was the all-encompassing leader of the Alison DiLaurentis Haters Club. How do I know this? Because she was way too emotional — her issues with Ali were all about Jenna and "A"s a lot more sophisticated than to be ruled by their emotions. Also, the Shana as "A" theory would be a lot more plausible if Melissa Hastings' didn't declare her involvement in the situation a few minutes earlier in Rosewood.

Shana was an amateur and she pulled a classic wolf in sheep's clothing move on Ali. The real "A" can't possible be as — dare I say it — basic to reveal herself to be such a sad, overused cliche. So, while I'm impressed with Ezra's good timing and detective skills, I don't believe that the mystery is solved and tied up with a bow. "A" is still out there — and her name probably starts with an "M."

Image: ABC Family