Sandra Bullock's Stalker Owns Machine Gun & The Details Are Terrifying

On Sunday morning, a man broke into Sandra Bullock's house, which is terrifying, particularly because he's a stalker who's obsessed with her. Now, Bullock's stalker has been charged with a felony for first-degree residential burglary, stalking, and possession of an machine gun. He had been arrested after the break-in, but now we know with what he'll be charged.

Even though police officers arrested him on what seemed to be a residential burglary, stalker Joshua Corbett was apparently not breaking into Bullock's home to rob her or take valuables from her home, but rather to have a "face-to-face' with her. It's jarring news considering he owns a machine gun, but fortunately, he did not have the gun with him at the time of the break-in. Police offers found it when they were investigating.

Bullock's son Louis was not home at the time of the break-in; TMZ reports he was out with a nanny.

Bullock was unharmed, but it doesn't change the emotional distress that she's likely suffering. As for Corbett, if he is convicted, he will face a possible maximum of seven years and fourth months in prison. Whatever happens, we just hope that Bullock is okay — this is a scary situation that should not be taken lightly.